Code of conduct at eddy st commons

1.     ACT RESPONSIBLY.  Disorderly or disruptive conduct of any nature is prohibited.  Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:  use of obscene or insulting language and/or gestures, running, yelling, fighting, boisterous behavior, throwing any objects, and unauthorized singing or dancing.  Appropriate clothing is required at all times.


2.     ALLOW OTHERS TO SHOP SAFELY.  Any activity that disrupts our pleasant, family-friendly shopping environment is prohibited.  Large groups may be asked to split up.  Discourteous behavior is prohibited.  For example, standing, walking or sitting in such a way as to block storefronts, entrances, or pathways, or that otherwise causes inconvenience to others, is not permitted.


3.     NO SOLICITING, picketing, rallying, conducting of surveys, distributing literature, offering any items for sale by anyone other than our tenants, soliciting signatures or personal information of any kind (including names, phone numbers, etc.), videotaping or photographing is permitted.


4.     OUR SHOPPING CENTER IS FOR SHOPPING, DINING AND PATRONIZING OUR TENANTS.  While here, treat others as you would like to be treated.


5.     RESPECT OTHERS.  Any act that could result in physical harm or personal damage to property is prohibited.




7.     NO WEAPONS.


8.     WHEN OUR TENANTS CLOSE, PLEASE LEAVE.  Please do not park or loiter on the property after closing.  Unauthorized vehicles parked after closing will be towed.


9.     NO SMOKING, except in designated areas.


10.  DRINKING.  Possession of open cans, bottles or receptacles containing any alcoholic beverage, except in businesses licensed to serve them, is prohibited.


11.  VEHICLES/BICYCLES:  No vehicles, with the exception of wheelchairs, are allowed to be used in the non-parking common areas of the shopping center.  Skateboards and roller skates are not allowed to be used anywhere at the shopping center.  Bicycles are not permitted on the sidewalks.  Bicycle racks are located throughout the center.  Bicycles or other vehicles shall not be permitted on sidewalks.


Parked vehicles that create a hazard or that are parked in an unauthorized area are subject to being towed away at vehicle owner’s expense.  Landlord will not have any liability for towed vehicles.


12.  RESTRICTED AREAS:  Patrons, tenants and visitors are not to enter areas beyond the scope of the Landlord’s invitation.  Such restricted areas include loading docks, freight elevators, machinery rooms, equipment spaces, service corridors, and the roof.


13.  TRESPASS:  A person who has violated the Code of Conduct or any other applicable Rules and Regulations or who otherwise does not act responsibly may be instructed to leave the premises.  If, after the expiration of a reasonable time, such person has not left the premises, an officer may arrest the person and charge him or her, or the person may be ejected from the shopping center using the force that is reasonably necessary to do so.


14.  UNIFORM APPLICATION:  In enforcing the Code of Conduct, or any other applicable Rules and Regulations, the Landlord and its employees, agents and contractors will not discriminate on the grounds of any legally-protected category.


15.  AMENDMENT:  To retain the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, the Landlord reserves the right to amend the Code of Conduct without notice to the public.